Water mill

The “Dorpermolen” was said to be built in 1775 by lord Palmers de Terlaemen. Originally it was a rather rare double mill. On the other side of the current grain mill there was aan oil mill.  When the grain mill was renovated in 1911, the wooden wheel and the driving gear were replaced by an iron mechanism. Probably the oil mill was not profitable enough any more to be renovated and twenty years later it was pulled down. The grain mill that still exists today, is a beautiful building from 9 X 20 metres that stands at right angles to the brook. In 1974, neighbour Wies Boiten was offered the possibility to buy the crumbling water mill, and he started a restoration of many years, one that resulted in a magnificent piece of Stevoort, to be maintained for generations to come. Even now, grain is milled there regularly. The mill can be visited by groups at simple request.
Wies Boiten : phone 011 / 31 20 95.